Come With Me

She glows and ripes as the age of dawn touches the bright earth’s sky. The air is brisk as the moon commands the sea. The ocean bellows and the creatures sing.

Into the woods seductive eyes appear. Golden brown skin of hungry growls. Silk waves wisps by the breeze as one leg appears from behind an evergreen tree. A cast of white golden shimmer caress her body. Nature glistens with her every move.

Who is there she wonders? As her hand push back the forest green branch. Silk wraps her body in colors of midnight blue and lavish green flowing loosely revealing an undercoat of goldish purple red.

Her hair dark brown, thick soft curls pinned gracefully back with orchids, marigold, gardenia, and hibiscus.

Her gown held together with a pinned jewel at her naval creating a deep v revealing the inner sides of an ample chest.

“Show me your light” she inquires.

He, wears red and says no words. He leads or follows in a cloak of black.

Fair warned she smiles “I am not disarmed as my uncovered appearance shows, what lurks beneath me and around me is what protects at night, as I do to my own orders, but lead to my own rhythm.”

Díme What you die for? Dime ahora what you love more than self. Dime,

Whose feet you fall in and guides you. I take no pleasure in sitting with… whom…. Ostendeo mí what are you in the light of the darkness black night, and do not fear.

Plan of heart belong to… but the answer of the tongue is from.. whom.

He stops to gage the sky in search of time beneath the stars. “Who am I to tell you is shown.” He replies.

Ten to pass. In with requires no envy, and be banished from the human heart. Dile que yo, te lo di.

Divine Providence