Queen Guadalupe

Would you suck another guys cock?

Yes or No?

If no,
Then walk on by
If yes anything too which is a commodity to asking around.
Than cool homie.
Skittles taste the rainbow. We are the same
I am gay too. I am happy too. I am treated like shit.

If I told you I am, would you have cared past your ego?

Until you get a taste of your own medicine.

Because your indirect occasionally direct next invasive questions will try to change my yes to a no.
Ask if I eat pussy and to prove it or if I deep throat, send photo, send friends, and could I model for you.

No toca means do not touch, no, also means no.
Leave me alone, and have left me alone for so many years and later ask me why and to explain how.

Where are you from? And to go back to our home. Are you really in service. Because who do you serve. Because somebody had nothing to do with you or me. Fuck

To the point where now we are even uncertain if we could know one another.

No do not change my no to a yes because when you do, in which way do I gave to go, stay, look, sound, to whom I speak to. To eventually leading to not knowing all the ways I give pleasure and take pleasure doing.

Lupe says directly
“Do you even give a fuck about what is going on with me or what’s happening with my son”.

How should have I enjoyed myself without you, or protection. Do I like my hair up, down, straight, or short, long, or curly. How do I smell. All for vanity to prove what you “love” about me.

Please do not say sure why not only to obtain what you get out of it or me for any matter at all.

So what does a woman do for you, no, what does even her rich family do for her? Let alone herself.

And how does a committed whatever you call her, define who I am and what language I speak.

Excuse me do not dismiss me when I speak. I am not crazy I am just at my wits end of being some other guy in your life. Let alone the other responsible one.

But hey please tell me how should I present myself to mass population. In which am I supposed to show you how to make love and give when I need you, and when. When can I spend quality time with myself let alone with me around you. Let alone be together.

(And yes Lupe, I am bad bunny also 🇵🇷)

Oh and THANK YOU for bothering to care about who I am or plan to be there for me or you. I am so sorry I am considered to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am the only one IN LOVE. Thank you for seeing me. I have no one to back up, nor to back up me and many of people to appreciate.

Thank god timing.

Oh and you are surre welcome sir.
Oh yes please do not worry it would never ever eeever effect our family (sarcastically said). This not limited to my time, and whatever else I have to proceed.

Yes my fucking man tits are just like yours. Bra-less. Don’t fucking stare at me like I’m fucking display and No I do not want to fuck you.

What is making love without deeper communication on what we want without controlling your situation. I choose commitment on our situation.

Oh by the way do not question my belongings. Because I am obligated to give you your off spring.

This perpetual cycle of the living to the quality men or essential person not time. Yet again I am so sorry really, it was why I’m here for.

So with out further a due, I pronounce Mrs. Lupe

(Just read the title)

Welcome Day of the Dead. The Dead keep on living.

O our Lady of Guadalupe, mystical rose,make intercession for Holy Church,protect the Sovereign Pontiff, help all those who invoke thee in their necessities,and since thou art the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God,obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of keeping our faith,sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life,burning charity and the precious gift of final perseverance.