What I Trust You With

And one replays

Why would I want to get married???
And another reply

I don’t know. Why would I need to get married?

For what I currently understand is it is only defined of who you are sexually intimate with.

Which than bring the age old question “make an honest person outta ya”.

Might I suggest before one another tells eachother to please go Ffffffuck off or sleep with someone else get tested, and be honest. In the end clearly one of us is the only one who is responsible for the aftermath of any outcome.

Marriage, in which is not mentioned to whom intends to be more than romantically involved as also a partnership inclusive commitment to family. Does not limit to occasional ego stroking.

So learn love language and how to… Work through trauma through many positive coping skills, and don’t forget to work with your partner by effectively communicating verbal and nonverbally.

Was this for Money or Love?

The two have placement as well as separation to Power . In which power is equivocal in both Money with Love.
As reassurance and insurance are equal to Faith.

What are not in Power are not a guarantee. This, and that is with or without a buyout as the policy continually updates. And biasim; are opinions of oppression and what is considered professionalism.

Let me, get back to my case to a point.

There is so much beauty in the world only a soul could see, hear, feel, and touch can comprehend.


May I just bring you Peace, Love, and Happiness.