Full Moon

You either see dictatorship or dignified. Classy is what Classy does.
You know I listen, to allow your release and to understand you. So I can be heard and we, if spoken.
As refined as an inner voice is; primarily, so will out.

Bless it be.

Today I awoke lighter from what was in my head with all the figuring out what I’m told to do.

I appreciate waking up to sunny days . And moonlit oceans. As her energy is within me.

Today a reflection of curiosity surrounding my option in fertility an partnerships.

I had done alittle research in biochemically freezing eggs for when ready can administer. This processes uses a womans current biological and health conditions for fertilized egg.

Why wasnt this an option in my youth and as accessible??.

What holds in the balance of becoming a Family is whatever family beliefs are placed, religion, financial pressure, unsuccessful marriage and or relationship, Faith as well as any and all conditions of whomever you come in contact with including your health status.

I would rather have a healthy baby. If I am not worthy human. In which not only can carry my dna but also I can give life without harming others in the process. In which I prefer well suite mate within a large support group of whom I consider family. Hopefully financially support one another in alternatives means with healthcare or at the very most secure including a. biological parent.

Easy right?

Not all relationships are as black or white as they may appear. Nor can one always speak on anothers’ behalf for which they stand. So what are the rules guided by a healthy family and friendships let alone business endeavours.

As apparently not all can have a frozen storage cubby. Here some resource of egg freezing and cost.

I guess there always getting you tube tied and than untied ..

wait why are these options against men and woman option .

Are we fertile to begin with?

Is this the chicken or the egg?

I believe the both came at the same time.

So would this mean trial and error?

Dear lord For how long?

Hm. No

Am I a robot?

I will just have to put this in my wishlist. On for whatever time I have. So what shall I do with my relationship with myself today…

Thank you for reading. Have blessed week.