You sucked my heart and out ripped my soul. I seize to sell it to live. Lack the empathy of the womanhood so rightfully my own.

Mixed caused by the definition of misbehavior and unspoken spoken words.

I had moments arrival admits torture. Yet the understanding of who I am.

Prints across your body. Is it too curious or inspection?

Hunger Contrary to Starvation.

As it’s has been within what you have wanted of which means for not only you but to others consumed.

This not subjected to food satisfaction but all kind of love.

Sufi Sophi Sofie souf

You come on my heart.

What do you have that is left to hold.


Nothing…  I should have to start over.

If what those could present on a frontal level is financial gain.

And following notion of; not much more than know her worth.

While Never giving ours alone.

Im misunderstood.

What you had to hold and can hold is what we are malnutrant for.
Yes is the answer as no had to be  the next.

Hold on

No, still a yes, just not only as you see.


In good lords shepherd

For love is considered the production of things and not produce.
Damage is done and know what’s right.

As to what protects those we love let alone what I love. Came from my bares and screams
My sacrifices.

Urgent times of unknown.
Petrified on the daily exsistance to this native grounder. And yet to sweet for our own well.

Flat pan.
Flip it lke dat
Just like this.
Blessed by the island.
Fishermen and iguanas of the sea, and home where the cats are.
Faith I had lost. As karma had been.
Many of swung the sword fallen sick to a prey.
Is it, or am I alike? Alias. Do you see Jaguar and Black Panther.

Field of Orchids, Roses, and Tulips of May weather and Mothers. Mami, Mama, Mamacita, Moda.

As April showers had wash away warm salt waters from my body and my soul.
My love.
I give you everything, even if you have presumed me with nothing.
Why may I ask we keep love a distance. Its time. Or would I must waste time born and a birth again the third.

Thank you. Yes you know how I desire. All my intimates. Yes love thank you for your te de loving care.
And don’t stop.

When your ready, our ways.
Never no. That’s our commitment. As much as open and honest as show and tell .

But please some privacy.

Including secure and a home.

My property is your home.

Property. Our island

No just a piece of land.
What’s mine is ours but not always his or her things.

God, shower me.
So we can only be