What proof await as I run to every inch of you without a single touch.
Oh how I know well beyond a will.
Everything more to the King my son and soft blues and pinks of Isabel, her love and beauty.
God damn these purifications to which asay the very vulnerabilities of all sacrifices.
These bloody sacrifices.
Such a Queen to Bless this salty rain from my eyes, to the sky, and my skin.

To oceans where I return yet not giveth to her as my blood sheds.
No land free on the island sand .

She tells me on a Leo New Moon Night, she beckons. I gave her me, she embraces.
In from the shores of the Caribbean by night and Nicaragua warmth by day.
Oh how her depth in waves build strength in her current and float beneath the ocean floor.

Don’t be a drag mi amor; people chose to work for Disney but we don’t.
She is a goddess and when I approach one, respect.
It’s kinda chilly Chile ¿no?

Just living on the limit

Mi cantado musica. Cubanismo and Borinquen.
La Negrita Tiene Tumbao.
As little Haiti a fiery nation of gorrilla war fair within the Jungle. Neighboring Jamaica’s unity on a joints or blunt wraps peace with French swift whip.

Western Europeans yell !Everything Now!

Que tal?
Muito bom dia
Spirit fill these spices and salt the earth… protect this soil.

I feed my soul with solitude in Paela, Trini ox curry, and Yemoja offerings of tasteful sea gumbo.

Dont forget about Cupid man and Cupid girl.

Sanocho! con Arroz con Gandules.
When a real man meets a real woman.
Know her worth.
Would never know unless you know what it is to be the dirt. Natural dirt. Natural brown Azucar Picante.