What should I do in which I don’t wish to become.

And for which ever I am to be.
I looked forward, back, reverse, reviewed, asked repeatedly, revised, and let go; just to make sure their wasn’t anybody left behind, stone left unturned, or whom overlooked in all the ways I have died before. Finding family in which could only be with I stand for.

What I know in any end with money and career as it has for those, gave the most freedom to lie, cheat, steal. Getting whatever or whoever whom they please… except love in from ones soul.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

I can no longer give in where I am not given in which I am done wrong. Including answering incorrectly, or judged by views of others in which makes me a martyr or magdalene. She, who reccently was noticed as one of honorable mentions.

Must I have to say a word… as I’m sista Teresa as repeatedly those are  against me in many forms. Have I enough.

I have done all I could, as I am left with deeper abyss and drift along the shore.

So what am I to you?

I’ll never hear my name again as my first carried a good career reputation my middle is slurred around

Hallowed be thy name

As my last has it’s own high standards.

“So who are you?”

Ssoophia a name in which is Sophie by a native soulmate…But has been in placement in attitude or color arrangement wherever I am introduced.

I no longer want to place my hand to my heart as my tears to the sea or the rain upon the earth you walk on if they are not from marret.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

If someone, you know, is nobody or anyone you met.

Be what may.