The Flowers

Colors of gold and delicate pink pedals kiss thine body as I slowly peel away/ I share with you my long limbs of ever so bronze shapes// Such an intoxciting escape/ What good marrow awaits with the light that shines/As I blossom and glow from the grace of you/
Like a flower dipped in milky pearls and the virgin pales of spiced honey// I laugh/
A scent as sweet as cocoa bean that caress my skin/
You took me in/
This prevailing woe/
I praise my hands may dance and hold on too you/ As I see your soul/
I thee wed I do/
We become one/
Do I forget myself?/
As my apparition libertine accord//Blend in as you/ sought to find/
I the same/
Thou lay noble to thy crown in relish/ How dearest I’ve missed you/
As the day gone long like the sea misses the salt/
Dear fortuition as fruitful of each moment endure
Took the supple of my nectar/
You know me/ Knew me once more//With a wicked tongue thou speak/
I wish never thine merest but the gentle/
Pour my spirit in thine urn/
Let not thou tears lay weary/
What modicum lay rest/
Would’st thou have of which thou honor?//Is my vision fatal sensible to my feeling?/
Am I bare in sight/
As I see you still/ and to never more again/
Suffer thee not/
Fair well thy maiden’s and lords a sare/ Aire to the throne// Colors of gold and delicate pink attone my crown as I lay rest with the wild.