“A living organism is not a machine and cannot be entirely explained by mechanics.”

Contemporary (admirable action) and Alternative medicine use both physical and biological nature to reflect new scientific ideas.

“If biomedicine can not explain scientific observation the paradigm will be revised”.

Mainstream biomedical model or Preventional Medicalization uses forms of drugs, medical procedures, and surgeries to prevent diseases for those who are at risk; as the “magic bullet”. In Newly developed Contemporary drug replacements, show to be 10% better then the original drug given and 50% safer then original prescribed.

“Wellness” in the context of Complementary Medicine is more then the prevention as the focus engages inner resources of each individual as an active participant self healer causing spontaneous remission. However wellness in people without visible diseases by any pathological definition, are frequently encountered by about 50% of “functional complaints” with no abnormalities. This Standard in practice and training allows Normalization as the results towards self healing, in which may not always be true alternative medicine.

Contemporary Medicine

Underly the conceptualization of healthy healing through its perceptions and sustainability over generations by many practitioners. Contemporary Medicine are representional of orderly and rational conscious system through empirical knowledge, through relatability to a way of life. In a sense “Holism” which is a holistic complete system of thought and practice, from microcosm to macrocosm or healthy beliefs and healthy behaviors.

Obtaining Knowledge

The law of obtained knowledge is described by objectivism which is the observation and the separation of the observed. Objectivism principle however are not fundamental observation, because by simply the act of observation itself influences the behavior being observed. In which is why Reductionism is applied. This takes a complex phenomena that is explainable in terms of a simpler component to what is relevant information derived from physical data or Positivism. The data is the determind through Determinism to a predictable knowledge of scientific law of initial the condition.

In order for Positivism and Determinism to assure, all source tools of medicine should be provided by questioning the source of law in the history and origin (Rhetorically), foundational (Arithmetically), while connecting theology and science (Astronomically) and by the harmonization of natural biorthymic (Musically).

Alternative Medicine

Not only uses the form of obtaining knowledge but also uses Observation. As relative to a timed tradition between practitioner and patient through rationalization of an introduction of disease based on a diagnostic order to prepare for functional disorders. In such so this incorporates adaptional and cultural learned behavior to which affect the genetic revolutionary reproduction environmentally (Darwinism). Similarly to Complementary medicine however medicine use the functional disorders as an observation through considering the precursors of the disease. This is the connection of theology and science and biorthymicality . Such term as “Energy” is described, but referred to as “Vitalism” which is energy that animates life and the universe into non material. This contrasts to Holism (Holistic cure) as Holism is not consistent due to the reduction of hypothesis. It is vital observation removed from technology advancement and guided by the earth and self reconnection.

Homeopathic and Allopathic

Complementary Medicince uses tools such as homeopathic/allopathic to determine relatively to domestic agricultural nutrition from the enviroment, for further developement of therapeutic techniques, in order to provide medical care.

For example: Culturally chewing cocoa leaf at a high altitude prevent thicker blood clots, where as it is genetically predetermine to the individual affects by gene frequencies as it is agriculturally adapted metabolically through pre exposed sensitivities. Homeopathic/Allopathic view symptoms as a predisposition to a pathogen that will naturally heal through needed hemoglobin while observing the mental and psychological characteristics as the proof of the cure.

In conclusion traditional medicine can:

“Biologically activate constituents as an adaptation to compete within nature, while nurturing human physiology and metabolism to obtain medicine from all resources including environmental empiricalities based on knowledge and behavior”.