Bodywork Awareness


When giving or recieving bodywork communication is key.

This helps to stimulate ANS or Autonomic Nervous System which controls involuntary action of the muscles of the heart and glands causing an activitate relax response

When your mind and body are in a state of shock the body protects oneself by the adverse affect of ANS called NSR or Noxious Stimulate Response.

When giving bodywork be sure to check in with your partner as to better asses rhythm and not too overwork in one specific area.

The hardest lesson to learn as a bodyworker or reciever is that you can not fix your partner in just one session.

It is a better outlook is to see yourself as a catalyst to eachother healing.

“I am helping their body repair itself by acting as a catalyst to change”.

Time progresses you may get stuck in one of two catagories.

The Protocal vrs Intutive

Both have there pros and cons. Protocols may lead to loosing sight of the intent with your partner, and lead you to repeated “recipe cards” that may not addresses your partners needs or possible outcomes.

While using intuition can lead to proceed arrogants on eachothers behalf.

However equally using both methods protocol aids the other person in a one possible direction as your intuiton challanges the reasons to continue on with possible agendas. Agendas generate intent in order to create a purpose to accomplishing particular goals.

Protocol Assisment

  1. Observe partners posture
  2. Listen to indication (to do something) and contraindications ( avoid something) and varies precautions ( be careful with) to eachothers needs.
  3. Notice areas of deficiencies ( lacking something) such as moods, skin complection, scar tissue damage, and all visual observation
  4. Touch can be as simple touching a hand, back, head, neck, or somewhere your partner feels safe. This is a good place to state intention as the giver use intuition to start. As the recieve should indicate what appropriate for them as session proceeds. The giver remains humble as you may be in the position of power in some form.
  5. Test muscles and bone, by varies range of motion testing. Do so with assistance and without assistance meaning allowing your partner to move the part on their own. You can also use active resistance to test and nerological response to the body to brain. Ask any notable question or observations in order to cue in any specific treatment plans or work that can be done in futher sessions.

Sensing Touch

Listen with finger pads along the subdermal skin. Start with light pressure no greater to the weight of a hand, and proceed with smoothing strokes. Notice the restricted areas where muscles move or do not move freely and individually as well as how bones and joints move indirection.

Red flag: If you can not make muscle or joint contract then it is not in alignment, as a bodyworker steer clear of straining the muscle or bone. This is called Teno Penostial Junction and a subluxation of the joints. Which means the tendon to the muscle spindles are activate by the lengthening of the tendon inside which increases tension and allows no flexibilty and cause a lock up in the shortened position. Proceed with only matching the tension of the noxious response.

Connection and Chronic tension

There are two nerve connections. The mind and the other being the body.

The purpose of the nerve connection is to eleminate subluxisions. It is estimated that we use about forty percent of our compacity when we do not function correctly. This orginally causes acute or minor pain, behaviors and irrigulations within the connection to the mind and over time if not aware or addressed can lead to chronic disfunction.

In severe Chronic pain and tension, they body cause leading disfunction: in the adernal glands, Hormonal imbalance, and intake and outtake of varies diet and toxins.

Adernal disfunction cause headace, back pain, fatigue and sweating. To assist with brain function extensive treatment allows you to reevaluate your system in ways of such your intake and outtake. Varies levels of stress, hormonal imbalance (vitamin deficiency ), and all elevated factors such as diet and toxins can cause dysfunction or irregulation within the mind and body.

To assist in decrease of chronic pain associated with adernal glands, check your blood pressure (normal range is 120 over 80), Golgi storage and other bile production as as a well PH levels (7.4 akline). With nerve test connection test thereaction and varies trigger point or referal pain (local or in another area that may be associated), other varies clinical testing may be required consult with your healthcare provider’s.

Tension can be catorgized as four main getoraters.

1. Bone and Joints.

2. Muscles

3. Nerve damage

4. Bone disks, observe and seek diognositics to better acknowledge possible treatments.

As both the giver and recieve it is important to remember to keep one another safe, respected, and with loving kindness as the key to success is to have self actualization and you may have to repeat a proccess multiple time in order to get the outcome both you and your partner are seeking.

As a bodyworker you are not a MD or ND which does not allow you to properly diagnose a person. However based on varies treatment results may choice varies of treatments to assist care.