Movement Awareness

Self-care is maintaining personal wellness in all the dimensions of health: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Self-care is performed with actions and conscious attitudes by the individual and for the individual. Behavior that promotes balance and well-being is self-care.

Self-care is consciously attending to our need for:

  • Relaxation and sleep
  • Good nutrition
  • Medical care
  • Personal hygiene
  • Mental health
  • Physical fitness and exercise
  • Financial security
  • Cleanliness and safety of the home and work environments
  • Spirituality
  • Healthy relationships with others

it is the noble and necessary work of loving and nurturing the self.

Take time to notice the variations of each part of your body’s movements. Feel what they can do and observe what each part actually can do. By a observation you are able to know where your body is present and where connection to your body can begin.

As you read gently observe and apply the action associated with the body part. As you do, notice any restricted motion or hyper mobility.

Head/Neck (Cervical Spine)

  1. Flexion – Bring your chin to chest
  2. Extension – Bring your chin to the sky
  3. Lateral flexion – Bring your ear to shoulder
  4. Rotation- Turn head from one side to the either


  1. Depression – Open your mouth
  2. Elevation – Close your mouth
  3. Protraction – Bring jaw out
  4. Retraction – Draw jaw in


  1. Flexion – Move your arm forward
  2. Extension – Move your arm backward
  3. ABduction – Move your arm away from your body
  4. Abduction – Move your arm towards your body
  5. Horizontal adduction – Move your arm across the front of your body
  6. Medial rotation – Rotate your arm inward
  7. Lateral rotation – Rotate your arm outward


  1. Elevation – Shrug your shoulder up
  2. Depression -Shrug your shoulder down
  3. ABduction – Bring your elbow away from your body
  4. Adduction – Bring your elbow toward your body
  5. Upward Rotation – Bring your elbow up
  6. Downward Rotation – Bring you elbow down


  1. Flexion – Bend your elbow
  2. Extension – Extend your elbow


  1. Pronation – Turn hand face up
  2. Supination – Turn hand face down


  1. Flexion – Bring hand up
  2. Extension – Bring hand down
  3. Horizontal ABduction – Tilt hand toward thumb
  4. Horizontal Adduction – Tilt hand toward pinky


  1. Rotation – Turn your upper body one side and opposite side
  2. Lateral flexion – Tilt your upper body to the same side
  3. Flexion – Curl your upper body inward
  4. Extension – extend your upper body back ward


  1. Flexion – Bring your leg forward
  2. Extension – Bring your leg backward
  3. ABduction – Bring your leg out
  4. Adduction – Bring your leg in
  5. Medial Rotation – Roll your leg inward
  6. Lateral Rotation – Roll you leg outward


  1. Flexion – Bend at the knee
  2. Extension – Straighten the knee
  3. Medial Rotation – Rotate foot inward
  4. Lateral Rotation – Rotate foot outward


  1. Dorsal Flexion – Point foot up
  2. Planter Flexion – Point foot down


  1. Eversion – Point foot out
  2. Inversion -Point foot in