Seperation and Control are Illusions

What looks like a threat or personal attack to the eye of the ego, is actually a normal. Natural occurance when seen from the perspective of the whole. My life is an ego belief
While in fact life will leave without any notice.

Compassion and Pity Are Different

Pity is based on comparison and The unconscious thought of “I am in a better position than another“. Compassion is based on reconization of commonality.

Remember what is Functional vrs Fundamental

Functional are Beliefs, habits, other peoples’ expectations
Fundamental is Awareness . Ask yourself:
“Can I maintain awareness of ultimate commonality while fully engaged in my exsistance?”

The quality of life has to be experienced which means understanding what you exprience.
Example: Sound is a vibration… When the vibration hits my ear… I exprience sound.

It is not our ear that hear or our eyes that see rather the consciousness that sees, tastes, smells, feels

The Pursuit Of Truth

Is a mix of subjective and contemplative means . Similar to the objective and analytic methodology of energy and consciousness.
The truth was seen or felt first , and then it managed to find expression in language to express to others. To seek truth is to be truth.

Begin to Seperate Observe vrs Describe.

See and acknowledge the object is secondary perception as the primary perception
The absolute truthfulness is not achievement. No matter how untrue outwardly, there is always truthfulness inside me.


A life within nothing feels empty and meaningless. In return I seek goals of truely wants not forced by anything to live my life. Accepting and acknowledging the truth can happen simultaneously or within.

Awakening to truth is an individual process. Reviving lost connection to conscience by listening for it and opening to its’ message.


“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness”

Realize your true value, the absolute value,
Self trust and self intergity through success by learning from failures.

What is good for you but not good for all; won’t be good for you either… eventually.

Reevaluate a change in direction by what you have and what you desire. in which represents what we truely want.


Remove past weight to better reevaluate, acknowledging and accept what has happened. By which is relative value or a absolute value.
Relative are values depended on social context and personal preference. Whereas
Absolute are values that are provided by nature. These are things that exists weither or not you like or dislike them. Breathing Well, Eating Well, and Sleeping Well.


Action is something done with purpose and with Attention. Our thoughts become things through energy. Open yourself to new experiences and challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone. Recover from the things that weigh you down. Live by your primary value and build intergrity with consciousness through self reflection.

From Change to Learning

Learning and gathering information can be an excuse for putting off a decision and acting on your choice. No matter how much relevant information you have acquired or how much knowledge you have attained, you will always feel a conflict and modicum of self doubt at the moment of choice.
Ultimately it isn’t your knowledge that makes the choice: as it is your wise values and your will to be faithful. Bless it Be.

Change by Ilchi Lee