Taoism Connection

“My life is your own unique spirtual path, and if I cultivate my inner light it will always Shine on the great “way” or great “tao”

Taoist is the practice of the Mind, Body, Spirit. It is not a religion but universal spiritual independence.
Each frequency or vibrational density is associated by the taoist with specific subtle energy.

The earth’s water and plant= blue/green color
Spinal/Bone marrow= white
Higher self= golden
Universal energy= violet
Generative force= red
Sexual energy= pink
Unborn tao= black

Color aura is one way to notice energy another way is by feeling.
Chakra (energy wheel) has no individual power. You cannot open and close just one chakra. As a wheel they flow together.
Two main functions of energy are described as Yin ( receptive energy/ female) Yang ( Radiant energy/Male). Through Yin and yang energy there is 5 opening gates.
1. Feet
2. Perineum
3. Heart/ Palms in hands
4. Third Eye
5. Crown

Taoist Goal:

  1. Learn to heal, love,and be kind to myself as I develope
  2. Learn to help, heal, love others from the abundance of healing and loving energies I receive from the forces of nature, heaven, and earth
  3. Learn about original source ( wu chi) and help it unfold with me

Full spiritual independence requires that I avoid being drained of energy through my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, or through excessive sex by closing the 9 micro orbital gates when not in use. To ensure that I retain enough vital energy to make the journey.

  1. Acknowledge it’s my birthright
  2. Condense and conserve my life force by: meditation, healing love practices, inner smile, 6 healing and iron shirt (chi Kung)

Connect with my chi ball (energy sphere)

Transforming smile and the 6 Healing sounds transforms negative energy into virtues and opens the heart.

Connect with my chi ball:

My heart is the universal center and generator through inner smile
Ching chi or sexual energy can be a catalyst to higher meditation by way of conserving recycling and transforming the energy within myself as well as my sexual partner

Managing my chi:

Smooth honoring movements through Tai Chi or chi Kung allows bone structure to move with gravity. Chi Nei Tsang heals my bodies organs which are aided by the 5 elemental nutrition.


” If I do not have a chance to practice awaking or to give birth to my soul/immortal spirit during life, the primordial light will awaken at the moment of death.”

When I am ready to give birth to the real soul the energy body will be a booster into its higher dimension of immortal spirit. At the highest level all three bodies will merge to one or reincarnation.
After death comes the marriage of the light. (The yang body) The balance of masculine and feminine energy, the (ka and li). Where Fear and death is vanished as we become familiar with life beyond physicality. From there Rainbow stage accurse the transcending entirely at will.

“No world becomes no boundary.”So within as without”.


The 5 Energy
Physical elements found in nature symbolically express the motion of the 5 process of energy.

Fire = Energy rising
Water= Energy sinking
Wood= Energy expanding
Metal= Energy solidifying
Earth= Energy stable or centered

Each of the 5 process interact with Yin/Yang emanating from primordial void.
Primordial void= expression of energy regulating the motions of all the planets, stars, and cosmic phenomenon.
Within the 5 elements create interaction. Within my body it affects the 5 major system. Heart, lung, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys.

Stars and Light Matter

Human life matter is developed structured and influenced by varies groups of stars including their planets. The absorption of these energies nourish my organs, glands, sense, soul, and spirit.

3 external chi

  1. Universal Force (Crown point)
  2. Higher self (brow point)
  3. Earth’s force (feet point)

3 sustaining forces

Upper Tan tien = connects brain, glands, and universal cosmic spirit including third eye Crown an entire head. Middle Tan tien= connects heart and all other organs through natural force soul. Lower Tan tien= connects physical body, sexual energy between naval and kidney. From the earth to the heavens energy creates humans potential to mental clarity.
The universal force flows downward descending in a clockwise spiral into my head. When I breathe through the mouth to activate my saliva, I can mix it with the universal forces into a life giving force. Then the earth’s force ascends in a counterclockwise spiral up through the perineum.
Taoist believes quality and quantity of chi in the body. Release blockages to create energy.
Sexual energy is viewed as a part of our original source. Many other factors in daily life drain our Original Force and sexual energy reserves.
When too much sexual energy is lost through ejaculation or menstruation, both my will is weak, unhealthy eating habits develop, poor diet, criticizing other people, sexual harassment, and foul language accure cause more loss of sexual energy.

“Guard my senses and sexual energy”

If I turn my sense and sexual desire inward during any moment of the day it will help conserve and increase original source.

Meditation Microcosmic Orbit

The Governor– Channel runs from the perineum up the spine and over the head, ending at the palate of the mouth.
The Functional– Channel runs from the perineum up the front of the body, ending at the tip of the tongue. Touching the tip of the tongue to the palate connects both channels.
The Microcosmic Orbit is like a large reservoir of Chi that supplies nourishing Chi to the rest of the body.

Active Meditation

Active mediation focus the mind to open channels for the circulation of energy, which nourishes body, mind, and spirit. The energy transformations of the Healing Tao are active processes in that I consciously transform negative emotions into positive virtues, and sexual energy into life-force and spiritual energy. Taoist method help me consciously achieve my goals by working actively and directly with my internal energies. Taoists use passive meditation after practice for observation

The Virtues of Spiritual Discipline

  1. Concepts related to faith, good deed, prayer, right action,confession of sins, and so forth.
  2. Subtle bodies act as space shuttles, allowing the consciousness to travel back to its source beyond Faith in preparations during life to provide more direct means to access heavens’ place before physical death.

Compassion is the highest expression
It’s a blend of joy, respect, love, kindness, happiness acceptance, caring, gentleness, trust. And understanding.

Compassion can be misunderstood to be based on sympathy which is actually a weakness individual show when early affected by the emotion of another. Compassion is empathy.
Loves is internal matter of the heart rather then a product of the Mind.
Success in any relationship depends on the ability of two parties to share in an abundance of love that derives from both sources.
Once I am full of love within, I can connect to the unlimited love in the universe and share it abundantly with others.

The Inner Smile

  1. Close my eyes and smile to my organs, beginning with my pituitary and pineal glands in my head.
  2. Smile down to the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, and heart.
  3. Feel love and happiness grow from the heart center.
  4. As I Smile to my lungs, i feel courage arise. As I smile to my spleen, stomach, and pancreas, I feel openness and fairness. As I smile to the liver and gall bladder, feel kindness. As I smile to the kidneys and the bladder, I feel gentleness. As I smile to the sexual organs, I feel creativity.

When I smile to my organs, negative energies will gradually change into positive life-force

Smile Meditation

  1. Sit comfortably in chair feet flat on floor, spine straight clasp both Palms together left palm on bottom right palm on top.
  2. Closer my eyes connect sole of feet to earth
  3. Create a source of a smile weither it’s my own or someone or something I respect and love.
  4. Become aware of the midpoint between my eyebrows . Smile with relaxed face
  5. Let my relaxed smile flow downward my neck. Let smile flow down, let it expand blossom

The Heart: when I smile it will generate joy and happiness. The heart is associated with the negative emotional energies of feeling arrogance, hastings, and cruelty. When I smile into my heart those feeling dissipate creating space for love.

The Lungs: I expand my energy with positive energy. I can clear my lungs by creating positive chi. Smiling in my lungs create courage and righteousness

Liver: located just below the right lung within the lower rib cage. My liver is associated with sense of sight. The surface should be smooth and should relaxed and not congested. Place in kindness for it is a power house to decisions and could carry anger

Spleen: located on the left associated with worry,smile and let it flow to kidneys.

Kidneys: The associate with fear, as I smile into them fear melts and smiling energy fills so gentleness can grow.

Ovarian Palace: I thank my uterus and vagina. My ovaries for making hormones and giving sexual energy. Bring energy to spiraling point in my naval.

Visualize energy in my mouth create chi using my saliva and allow it to swallow and move down my digestive tract to pituitary, thymus, and pineal glands. Gather saliva again send energy down to my spine.

The Six Healing Sounds

Lung: Place your tongue behind your closed teeth, and with a long, slow exhalation, create the sound SSSSSSSSSSS (like the sound of steam coming from a radiator). During each resting period (as slowly inhale), smile. Picture them surrounded by white light, and concentrate on feeling the virtue of courage.
Kidney: Form an O with the lips, as if preparing to blow out a candle, and with a long, slow exhalation, produce the sound WOOOOOOO. During each. resting period, smile to the kidneys and picture them surrounded by a bright blue color. Feel the virtue of gentleness.
Liver: Place the tongue near the palate, and with long, slow exhalation, produce the sound SHHHHHHHHHH. During each resting period, smile an picture it surrounded by a bright green color, and feel the virtue of kindness.
Heart: With the mouth wide open, exhale a deep breath slowly, and produce the sound HAWWWWWWWW. During each resting period, smile and picture it surrounded by the color red. Feel love, joy, and happiness.
Spleen: Place the tongue near the palate, and with a long, slow exhalation, produce the sound WHOOOOOO from the throat, like the sound of an owl. (This is more guttural than the Kidney Sound.) During each resting period, smile and picture surrounded by a bright yellow color. Feel the virtue of fairness.
Triple Warmer: (Practice this while lying down)With your mouth open, exhale slowly as you produce the sound HEEEEEE. During each resting period, try to imagine a huge rolling pin flattening out your body from the forehead down to the toes. This will balance all the energies activated by the other sounds and help relax the body thoroughly.