Six Week Dosha Cleanse

This is a six week series of Activating and Clearing your Tri Dosha. Starting a weekly journal combining this step by step assist you to clearing your mind & body.

Week #1

Your first daily routine is to drink a large glass of warm/hot water. This should be the first thing that you consume and/or do. The only things you should do before is urinate and brush your teeth and tongue scrape. This 8-16 oz glass of water is to begin the downward movement of the digestive system. It will, of course, help to hydrate the body, as well.

Week #2

In your Daily Journal continue to log your warm water in the morning and now we add eating your main meal of the day between 10 am and 2 pm. This meal is your most substantial meal of the day. It should contain the most protein of any of your meals. At this point of the day your digestive fire is the strongest, we assimilate and process our food the most efficiently. If we make an effort to eat mindfully during this time of day we can reduce cravings and blood sugar issues later in the day.

Week #3

We are focusing on Agni this week in which the fire that fuels your bodies digestion. This weeks you are going to eliminate ice, frozen foods such as ice cream and frozen smoothies. We will consume all cooked foods and warm to hot fluids. No raw foods. No ice. No chilled foods or drinks. Suggestions: soups, stews, ginger tea.

Week #4

This week we add a meditation to our daily practice. Inhale imagine love and light and Exhale out “ego” – who you think you are, who you have been told you are or what you think people think of you. Do this at least once a day for a minimum of 5 minutes. And Continue All Other Routines

Week #5

This week we focus on being grateful by focusing on how you practice gratitude by how it makes you feel and the possible effects of this. When we are grateful we are present and mindful. The practice of Yoga and Ayurveda means to maintain a healthy being which could journey towards spiritual enlightenment. The state positive health. If you already do this take a step further and let someone know that you are grateful for their acts and or presence? Could you leave a random act of kindness for someone.


This week we add Asana. sun salutation or Surya Namaskar. Please work up to 10 rounds by the end of the week. Here is step by step video of How to do Sun Salutation. Continue all previous weeks, and if you like slowly add Beginner Yoga Sequence